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Everyone who makes up the Wolf Pack is important – from the logistics manager to the area manager, the response officer and the control room operator – we rely on each member of our team to fulfill their role. Leading by example is our management team and they run upfront to represent, serve and grow each entity of the Wolf Group.

The Wolf Group is structured in such a way to provide 24/7 operational support; to allow local business to thrive in their own territory; to offer holistic solutions from one reliable supplier and to capitalize on the teams’ combined experience and so empower our people.


Group CEO

Koos van Rooyen, who is a veteran in the security industry, reached SAPS Captain ranking and decided to start his own venture back in 1989 – this was the original Wolf Security. After selling the company, he has been a key player for national private security companies such as Enforce and Thorburn Security Solutions especially in securing new business and growing their footprints. Koos has been chairman of the South African Security Association for 22 years and liaises with PSIRA directly. Knowing what the industry requires lawfully and with decades of experience, Koos can give trustworthy security advice.

Group MD

Garth Briggs has been in the security industry for 25 years. Garth was educated at Hilton College and Rhodes University and after resigning his commission in the SADF he started his security career at Gray Security Services. Later he was co-founder and ex managing director of Thorburn Security Solutions. He then founded his own security company in the Western Cape in 2013, Southern Cross Security Services, and it has grown to be operational in the entire Boland, Swartland and Cape Town Metropolitan areas. Garth believes that well managed systems keep people accountable and he ensures that every service delivery detail has been attended to.


Jaco van Wyk:
Regional Manager

Jaco has his finger on the pulse of all operations within Wolf Security Solutions. Our clients’ satisfaction is his top priority! Jaco is the best person to ensure efficient and effective daily operations because he has climbed the ranks and been in the shoes of all his employees. He has 14 years SA Police experience and 10 years in the private security industry. His specialities include: investigations, crime prevention, firearms, contract start-ups and logistics. Jaco has spearheaded contract launches from the mining industry to corporate head offices covering geographical remote areas from Kathu to Alexander Bay and the hustle of the Cape Town Metropolitan area. He is not just a good manager of people but his administration and quality control procedures are impeccable too. He is skilled in firearm and criminal law, ISO standards and security contract MOU’s and therefore can resolve issues with insight and practicality.

Jannie van Breda:
Wolf Response Managing Director

Our Paarl local, Jannie van Breda, is an expert at putting each building block for a trustworthy response service in place: from client relations, alarm installations, training of the officers to incident management and to give additional site specific security advice – he’s experienced and there for the you. Jannie has managed Armed Response operations for the likes of Thorburn and Fidelity ADT but comes back to the fact that security is an operational and not a corporate business. Contact Jannie to secure your home with electronic measures and to hook you up to a reliable response service. Soon the Wolf vehicles will be patrolling your neighbourhood – tell your neighbours to join the Wolf Pack!

Hildegarde Williams:
Group Admin Manager

Hildegarde Williams, soon to be Mrs Coetzee, is the glue that keeps our employees and clients satisfied – she is responsible for accounts and payroll. Hildegarde knows all our employees and all our clients and serving their interests and needs are her highest priority. She has been part of the team as office and admin manager for SCS since 2014 and she has been pivotal in establishing our internal administration systems with the company’s transition to the Wolf Group. With her 18 years of experience in accounting and payroll, she is best equipped to represent our employees’ as member of the Board of Trustees of the Wolf Employee Trust. This lady’s hometown is Vredenburg and even after her accomplishments in the big city, she still harnesses that West Coast charm and authenticity in relationships – that is why our employees trust her and how she embodies our company value of investing in our people and nurturing a strong Wolf Pack.

Erich Truter:
Regional Manager – West Coast

Erich is our West Coast Operations Manager and oversees all the security and cleaning contracts from Saldanha to Brand-se-baai. Erich treats all his staff members with the same respect that he has for our clients and in this way he creates a strong Wolf Pack family everywhere he operates. Apart from investing in and caring for our staff, he is also very versed in the industry. He was a Crime Prevention Commander for SAPS for more than 15 years and has a further 12 years in the security industry, specializing in mining security in the Western and Northern Cape from Saldanha to Alexanderbay. Erich is skilled in criminal law, health and safety, NOSA and ISO standards as well as industrial relations. His is the Wolf representative on the West Coast – this is his territory! He knows the industry and he knows the people, so contact him if you need security or cleaning at your site. We trust Erich to manage our contracts with expertise and manage our people with integrity.

Lesley Wallendorf:
Business Development Manager

Lesley has been in the industry since 1992.  She is passionate about people and building solid and sound relationships based on mutual respect, trust and  honesty – key ingredients that are vital to the success of the business.   Her strong ethics, commitment and passion is what makes her successful in what she does.   Lesley’s working career has been filled with many highlights, one in particular being the late Princess Diana’s decoy when she visited SA in March 1997 as well as being part of the PGA World Cup Golf Tournament held at Erinvale Estate, Somerset West in 1996 and when the iconic Madiba visited Somerset West in April/May 1990. Quiet and unassuming and her love of the outdoors, people, places, family and friends are what Lesley is all about.

Broomstix Hermanus:

Whether it’s your home, office or warehouse – we’ll freshen it up for you! Your laundry will be crisp, your floors will be shiny ​and your windows sparkling once Broomstix Hermanus has been at your premises.



Our support departments are ready and dedicated to enhance the quality of our service across the board. They enable us to deliver a holistic solution to suit your unique site, development, business operation or home.


Ready to design an appropriate and cost effective electronic security system for your premises. Our own technical team installs and maintains our hardware.


Our 24/7 control room as its eyes on the ground. From here we conduct off-site monitoring, support the response to alarms by our ground crews and monitor many quantifiable measures to ensure we deliver efficient and effective services around the clock.


Uniforms, equipment and vehicles are required to execute all our duties. We manage our own stock and support our contract and area managers as internal clients so that they can always perform their contracted duties as seamlessly as possible.