Wolf’s Employee Shareholder Trusts

At the Wolf Group, when we say our employees are our biggest asset and that we care for our staff, we walk our talk! We have established Employee Share Trusts on behalf of our employees. Let us tell you more about our unique and fresh approach to empowerment:
We understand that empowerment is a factual aspect of conducting business in South Africa and the Wolf Group has embraced this opportunity by becoming the first security and cleaning company to empower its staff from grassroots level, up. By establishing Employee Share Trusts for Wolf Security Solutions, Wolf Saldanha and SCS Vredendal, we have created opportunities for our employees (security and cleaning staff) to share in the success of our companies as they grow.

Here’s how it works:
• Each company has offered shareholding to a bona fide Employee Share Trust which is registered as an Empowerment Trust.
• Each trust is managed by trustees and the employees of the company are nominated beneficiaries of the trust.
• Trustees act on behalf of their beneficiaries and form a part of the management and decision making of the company.
• Trustees are nominated by the beneficiaries and therefore represent the employees in making business decisions relevant to the sustainable management of the companies.

This recipe is unique AND shows what real empowerment, up-skilling and teamwork across all employment levels could look like. We as a Group of Companies recognise the need for this process, we embrace it and look forward to reaping the fruit of our endeavours over the next few years.

With much gratitude for the opportunity and with great pride and joy that are making our hearts swell … our first group of beneficiaries received their trust certificates! Two glamours events were held on 4 and 5 September 2019 for the Wolf Saldanha and SCS Vredendal beneficiaries respectively.

We would like to thank Tronox and especially our client, Mr Pottie Potgieter, for his dedication and integrity in this regard. Together we are not only maintaining a successful client-service provider relationship, but we are imparting change to the communities we work in. Without you, this would not be possible.

We would also like to thank the Wolf leadership for leading by example and showing us their priorities. To our Group CEO, Mr Koos van Rooyen, and our Group MD, Mr Garth Briggs: we thank you for choosing to do business the old school way. This is the upright and the honest way. We salute you and hope that our customer service levels and Wolf loyalty will make you proud in return.

Lastly, deserving as much thanks, is the management team on the ground – The “Weskus is Beskus” Team: Erich Truter (Wolf Group Operations Manager: West Coast), Jan de Klerk (Tronox Contract Manager and Wolf Saldanha Trustee), Teressa Bethke (Wolf Saldanha Administrator), Christina Esau (Head Controller) and Amelia Fourie (Cleaning Supervisor). Every day your dedication keeps the wheels turning – may you exceed your own standards and keep on inspiring the rest of the Wolf Group to be the change we want to see in the world! Voorwaarts – Wolf.

Here are some photos of the SCS Vredendal certificate handover function.

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