We salute a fallen hero

There are no words to explain how deeply grieved we are at the loss of Security Officer Khayelihle Majola who was taken from us on 7 January 2019. Even though we know that at some juncture death comes to us all, the sudden loss of a friend and colleague under any circumstance is profound.

Khayelihle had been working with us for the past five months and during that time he became an example to his peers and made many friends. His bravery and professional attitude at the workplace inspired his colleagues and management alike.

At Wolf Security we are extremely proud of all our officers and Khayelihle was no different. The job of a security officer is an honorable job for which we have the utmost respect and we know that our officers have made that unselfish choice to protect others above their own life – Khayelihle certainly exemplified this.

As a company, the loss of one of our own has shaken us and we will leave no stone unturned to ensure that the perpetrators are apprehended and receive the punishment they deserve. The company is supporting the family of Khayelihle during this time and have arranged counselling sessions for all the colleagues who feel the need to debrief and find closure.

We will never forget Khayelihle and the sacrifice he made for us. We pray for peace and forgiveness in our country.

G.C.R. Briggs

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