V&A Waterfront Wolf Security Officers acknowledgement

Certificates and vouchers were handed over to Wolf Security Officers at the V&A Waterfront for how they handled an incident at the public skate park.

We are proud of our Security Officers who handled a specific incident with such good conduct – they are an example to all our employees.

A group of young boys verbally and physically abused our officers while they were only doing their job. The officers were telling the boys that they are not allowed to skateboard at the skate park during this time to which the boys responded in a very disrespectful manner! One boy hit one of our officers on the head with his skateboard. Throughout the entire confrontation, our officers never insulted not got aggravated towards the boys. This shows amazing self control and speaks to great training in customer relations. Such conduct is exemplary in handling a conflict situation – on a personal as well as professional level. Well done, Wolf team – well done to the Training Manager, the Contract Manager as well as the Officers for making us proud and representing the V&A Waterfront as true ambassadors.

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