Preventing an accident


On Sunday morning 11 August 2019 at approximately 06h00 the staff transport bus at Wolf Saldanha was involved in an accident. Stoffel Februarie was the staff driver on duty and due to his calmness and assertiveness he averted a head on collision with a third-party vehicle and thereby protected the lives of his fellow colleagues. Thank you for your swift reactions and skills that saved our staff and bus from any worse outcomes.

Herewith photos of Stoffel, who was driving the vehicle, receiving a monetary voucher as a token of our appreciation for the role that he played in our staff’s safety that day. In the photo f.l.t.r. are: Pottie Potgieter (our Tronox Client), Stoffel, Jan de Klerk (Contract Manager and Wolf Saldanha trustee) and Erich Truter (Wolf Operations Manager – West Coast).

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