Great member of the Wolf Pack…. Supervisor Mfusi!

On Friday evening, 25 February 2022, a WOLF GROUP Supervisor, Mfusi, was on his way to visit the night shift staff on duty.  On the Bottelary Road between the Devonvale Golf & Wine Estate circle and the traffic light at the R304 he passed a vehicle standing on the side of the road.  Mfusi stopped to see if he could assist this person with changing a flat tyre.  He assisted and waited  until the family were safely on their way home.

In Awie Botha’s own words: In the times we live in it might seem like something simple, but it was something hugely appreciated and said something about a Wolf security staff member.”

This is a testimony of Mfusi’s character, as well as the culture of our company. We are thankful to Mfusi’s leadership and are extremely grateful and proud to call  him a Wolf staff member!


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