Desert Dash 2018

On Friday 7 December 2018 our Group MD, Garth Briggs, showed us what he’s made of (other than business savvy and passion for his work). He took part in the Nedbank Desert Dash – a 24 hour, 1 stage, mountain bike challenge crossing the world’s oldest desert in Namibia for 373km.

Garth was part of a 2 person team proudly sporting WOLF cycling shirts. Watch these videos to get an idea of the extremity of the race. It looks tough! Respect, Mr Briggs!

Come to think of it, we can draw many parallels between riding the dash and the work we do at Wolf: working in a team, committing fully to the task at hand, pushing on through the night, beating people’s expectations and very evident are all the supporters… WOLF head office is the support staff to our officers and managers on the ground, in the dust and dealing with challenging circumstances. So if you want to see how a security team performs – proudly wearing their uniforms, demonstrating real grit and receiving invaluable support that gives them the means to go that extra mile, join the WOLF PACK.

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