Cleaning above and beyond duty

Cleaning above and beyond duty

We received an email titled: Service rendered by Wolf Cleaning …

Good morning

Kindly take note of the excellent service that was rendered by the team of ladies that form part  of Wolf Cleaning.

I requested that the chairs in my office be cleaned, these chairs had never been cleaned before, thus posing a health an hygiene risk. It would have cost in the region of R3500.00 per chair to replace, this would have been a massive cost implication taking into account that there are 5 chairs.

Tania and her team of ladies were willing to assist in cleaning these chairs over the past weekend and to my surprise the chairs were cleaned and restored to almost new condition. Walking in on Monday morning was to my amassment as I had to just smile knowing that those who enter my office have a clean and hygiene chair to sit on.

I hereby wish to convey my utmost sincere gratitude to Tania and her team. I appreciate their hard work and input.

Great and awesome service rendered.

Jannie Reddi
E&I Supervisor, Smelter
A Division of Tronox Mineral Sands Proprietary Limited

Especially during these uncertain times when we are facing a seriously threating health crisis but we have to continue working to keep our economy alive as far as possible, you want to work in a safe and hygienic environment. Thanks to Wolf Cleaning in Saldanha, people like Mr Reddi can have some peace of mind whilst going about his business. Well done to the team for going the extra mile for our clients!

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