Christmas at Tronox

On Christmas day most of us were with our family and friends surrounded by decorations, gifts, food and more food. Many dedicated individuals in our company worked throughout the Christmas break and public holidays. But this does not mean that our employees did not experience the sense of family and friendship… our West Coast Operational Manager, Mr Erich Truter, always makes sure of this! Here he is, on Christmas Day, delivering food parcels and treats to our staff on duty at the three Tronox sites.

Thank you for valuing and prioritising our staff and our team, Mr Truter. This is just one example of how we live out our core values, in particular:

Investing in people:
Human capital is at the core of our business therefore we believe in training, induction programs, continuous evaluations and career planning for our staff members. Skills transfer is integrated into our growth model. By investing in people, we aim to reap loyalty, quality
and continuity in the services to our clients.

Building a strong Wolf Pack means we will always aim to invest in our people. We hope everyone had a special Christmas filled with peace, care and compassion.

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