A Global thank you

Some words of appreciation from our clients and partners always makes the work more worth while as we can see the far reaching impact that good work really has!

Koos, on behalf of our entire team at The Global Challenge, a sincere thank you to you and your awesome team for keeping everyone safe, sane and under control in the most professional manner as well as your support in the lead up and municipality application process. You were a fundamental part of the success of the event and I could not have done it without you!

We are delighted to report back that the turnout of the spectators to both the Mango Groove opening ceremony as well as the golf course was phenomenal and exceeded our expectations! For a women’s event to draw crowds of that size is itself something to go down in history here in the beautiful town of Hermanus!

Event security is one of the Wolf Group’s specialities! It takes a level of expertise to pull off successful and safe large scale events. Even more so if celebrities or professionals and the media are involved. With this event, Wolf Security worked with a world renowned band, Mango Groove, as well as with the best women golfers in the world. We are so proud to be associated with such class.

If you have an event coming up and are in need of being in safe hands, give us a call.

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